Pernod Ricard staff plant 4,410 trees as part of annual Responsib'All Day

On June 16th, we were joined by 80 staff from Pernod Ricard Winemakers as part of their annual event – Responsib’All Day. The Pernod Ricard team rolled up their sleeves and  planted an amazing 4,410 native trees on a hillside in Brookby as part of our Papakura Stream Restoration Project. This site is a recently cleared 6 hectares of pine forest and headwaters of a tributary running into the stream. This winter, these pine trees will be replaced with up to 60,000 native trees. These trees will build onto a large stand of original bush on neighbouring property and extend habitat for kākā which live in the area.

This event was part of Pernod Ricard’s 10th annual Responsib’All Day where employees from around the world dedicate a whole day to learning, sharing, and having a positive and meaningful impact in their communities. Thanks so much for the team for coming out and for working so hard to get these trees in the ground 🙌💚🌳

Papakura Stream Restoration Project

The Papakura Stream Restoration Project is a large, catchment wide programme that will restore and protect this important waterway and the habitat for the diverse species that call this area home. The project’s aim is to protect stream banks and water quality, as well as habitat for native species. This restoration will include fencing planting native trees and shrubs, water quality monitoring, plant maintenance, and community engagement. Restoration will take place on both public land, in partnership with Manurewa, Franklin and Papakura Local Boards, and private land, in partnership with farmers and other landowners. This project will also require the support of the local community and the corporate community in the form of volunteering, sponsorship and partnerships. In 2021, the programme kicked off with the planting of 12,000 native trees and installation of 400m of fencing. Thanks to our partners, this programme will grow much larger in 2022 with at least a further 35,000 trees going in the ground.


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