Stoneleigh support NZ conservation and waterways protection

In 2022 and 2023, CVNZ was fortunate to be part of Stoneleigh Wine’s ‘Nature This One’s On Us’ campaign. This campaign supported biodiversity projects across New Zealand with a donation of NZ$500,000 split between three chosen charities. Stoneleigh reached out to the public to help decide where to allocate the funds, and Conservation Volunteers New Zealand was lucky enough to be one of the chosen charities, alongside The Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust and The Native Forest Restoration Trust.

The results are in, and CVNZ is delighted to announce that we are the recipients of $206,656. We will use these funds to expand two of our largest waterways protection projects. Specifically, this funding will enable us to build two new native plant nurseries to supply plants for The Papakura Stream Restoration Project in Auckland and the Otākaro Avon River Corridor in Christchurch. Nursery construction will commence in late 2023, with plants to be grown in 2024 for the 2025 planting season and beyond.

Here’s a little more about each of these projects:

Papakura Stream Restoration Project

The Papakura Stream, located in South Auckland, is a significant freshwater system that stretches 63km in length. Over the years, it has experienced significant changes due to development, resulting in a substantial reduction in forest cover and water quality. This, in turn, has diminished habitat for native species while increasing the sediment, pollution, and nutrients entering the stream, ultimately affecting the precious Manukau Harbour. Initiated in 2021, The Papakura Stream Restoration Project is a large-scale effort to revive this vital waterway and its broader catchment. Our vision involves a collaborative endeavor to restore and protect nature across the catchment including the planting of riparian margins, hillsides, and retired pasture with native vegetation, serving to filter runoff, enhance habitat, and stabilize banks. Furthermore, it will establish a Green Belt across South Auckland, from Whitford to the Manukau Harbour. Working on both public and private land, we have, to date, planted more than 88,000 native plants, removed 1,500 kg of rubbish, and cleared 4.5 hectares of invasive weeds.

Our new nursery on the Papakura Stream Restoration Project will be built on Donald’s Farm, a non-profit farm owned and run by NZ Young Farmers. Once operational, this nursery will have the capacity to grow up to 50,000 plants per year for the Papakura Stream Catchment and the potential to engage and educate the community, landowners and volunteers on the importance of waterways protection.


Otākaro Avon River Corridor (OARC)

Christchurch’s red zone is about to become a Green Zone formerly residential housing, and vacant space since the February 2011 earthquake, it is now being replanted as a native forest. CVNZ is a key partner in supporting these plantings by involving volunteers from the local community.

Since 2021, CVNZ has been working with Christchurch City Council (CCC) and the local community to establish an urban forest in multiple area of the red zone across Christchurch city. These former residential areas will be replanted over the coming years with many tens of thousands of plants. To date, CVNZ have planted over 44,000 native plants as part of this project. The new native plant nursery is a partnership between CVNZ and Avon Otakaro Network (AVoN) with support from CCC. The nursery will be a holding area for plants before they’re planted in the Otakaro Avon River Corridor.. These plants will be going in the ground to create native habitat for birds and insects to thrive and there will be plenty of places where people can go and immerse themselves in nature. The nursery will also be used for propagation purposes used by various community groups and schools. Both CVNZ and AvON will also use the space for educational purposes.