Allan Porter


Allan is the new Field Coordinator for the whitebait habitat restoration project on Wadeson Island in Hokitika. Allan was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and from a very young age, loved nature especially insects, birds and amphibians. In 2006, Allan graduated from Dundee University after completing his dissertation on the diversity and abundance of terrestrial ant species with relation to both temporal and spatial donation on Cero del Arise in Trinidad. After university, Allan went to live in Zimbabwe and worked at a private school teaching falconry, and in Bingo Crocodile farm dealing with the problem animal control. After this, he taught snowboarding in France for a year and started a catering company whilst studying a Post-Graduate certificate in education. Allan has taught science in New Zealand since 2014 but decided to leave his position as the head of Queen Charlotte College’s Aquaculture Academy to follow his heart with a job in conservation, practicing what he preaches. He looks forward to using the knowledge he has gained and passion to make a real positive change through CVNZ and inspire others to look after our ecology. Allan really loves being a part of the CVNZ team and working with individuals with a similar passion to his own.


Email: [email protected]