Volunteering in Wellington

Wellington Launches New ‘Community Conservation Programme’

Here in Wellington we’re excited to be launching our brand new ‘Community Conservation Programme’ which will support and enhance the already vibrant network of community run conservation projects in the Wellington Region.  Through the provision of three separate services; labour support, a free of charge function centre, and educational workshops, we will support local community-run conservation groups to achieve their goals in a safe, fun, and efficient manner.

  • Labour Support: At the head of our new programme is labour support.  Through this service we partner with different community groups, and provide them with the assistance of our teams of fully equipped and supervised volunteers to work alongside them on their project sites.  Our teams come with a lot of people-power and are perfect for helping groups achieve difficult tasks so they can get their projects moving along.
  • Function Centre: With us moving in to our new volunteer accommodation at the Truby King House in Melrose we’ve had the opportunity to create a space for community engagement which will be available for the community groups we work with to use free of charge.  With the addition of a projector, whiteboards, and meeting tables we’ve converted the house’s ‘Boardroom’ into a multipurpose function centre ideal for hosting groups AGM’s or more regular get togethers.
  • Educational Workshops: A number 1 priority for us at Conservation Volunteers is safety and we have the safety record to back that up.  We don’t think it’s enough that only our volunteers are working in a safe and productive manner however, and so we’ve used our years of experience to develop our ‘In Safe Hands Toolkit’ which is delivered to community groups in a half day workshop.  As part of our ‘Community Conservation Programme’ we’ll provide regularly scheduled ‘In Safe Hands’ workshops to local groups so that we can help keep all of Wellington’s volunteers safe, productive, and most importantly happy.

Overall our ‘Community Conservation Programme’ will make a significant contribution to the conservation community in the Wellington Region.  Our focus will not be on taking ownership of the groups we work with, but rather to strengthen and support them to achieve the goals that they’re passionate about.  We’re very excited about where this programme will take us and look forward to building many more partnerships throughout the Region as we develop it further.

Get Involved

If you’re part of a group which you think would be a good match for our programme, or you know of one that would, please get in touch today on 0800 878 185 or [email protected] – We’d love to hear from you!