Corys Electrical at Atiu Creek Regional Park with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand

Thank You Corys Electrical For Kicking Off The Planting Season With Conservation Volunteers

A huge thank you to the fantastic teams from Corys Electrical who got stuck in to help Conservation Volunteers New Zealand to kick off the planting season at key sites across the country. On Saturday 6th May, teams from Corys planted trees at Atiu Creek by the Kaipara Harbour, Quarantine Island in Port Chalmers and Charlesworth Reserve in Christchurch with another upcoming planting day in Wellington. We really appreciate the hard work put in by everyone who came out on Saturday. It was a great success overall with blue skies and impressive results by some very dedicated teams.

Tree planting is not a physically easy activity but Corys staff worked hard and had a great day all round. Most of our planting sites were close to water ways. Planting like this is extremely important as these plants act like kidneys to filter out sediment from industry and nutrient run off from farming before it reaches our waterways. By shading the waterway, water temperature is reduced and weed growth is suppressed, creating a better habitat for aquatic life. Streamside vegetation provides cover for spawning fish, and food and habitat for nesting and juvenile birds. As water plants and invertebrates increase, they provide a better food supply for fish and waterfowl. Riparian vegetation and native vegetation remnants grown together also extend the habitat for native birds and create wildlife corridors for migration.

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