Thank You Uber for your support at Brookby Wildlife Habitat

A big thank you to the Uber team who turned out on a glorious September afternoon to give a helping hand by planting trees at Brookby Wildlife habitat. Last Friday, the 22nd of September, eight Uber staff members went an extra mile by planting 300 trees along the riparian margin. Due to the efforts of Uber volunteers, these trees will help the fragile wetlands to return to their natural state and ensure the survival of the very unique creatures that call this special environment home.

The Brookby Wildlife Habitat Trust is an exciting restoration project located on the Auld Farm in Brookby near Ardmore. With the help of the local community and volunteer groups the Brookby Wildlife Habitat Trust is returning these fragile wetlands back to their original state. The project will improve the water quality of the catchment and also the Papakura Stream, increase plant biodiversity and the endemic wildlife and aquatic life in and around the stream.

Volunteers from Uber were full of zeal and enthusiasm. It was great to see them enjoying riparian planting,where they not only prevented land from soil erosion but also filter runoff from paddocks. This will bring stability to the hillsides, clean the waterways and provide a much needed boost to biodiversity in the area. Riparian zones like this have a great importance due to the influence they have on water ecosystems. Uber staff’s positive attitude and willingness to make a change for nature made it a remarkable day. The team had a great day and Conservation Volunteers would love to see more Uber staff members participating on our Conservation Projects across New Zealand.

Again a big Thank you to Uber. It wouldn’t be possible without your support.

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