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World Wetland Day – Corporate Volunteer Event

World Wetland Day will be held internationally on Friday the 2nd February 2018. This annual event celebrates the signing of the international Convention on Wetlands in the Iranian city of Ramsar on this date in 1971. Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ) will celebrate World Wetlands Day with an educational volunteer event in Auckland at Tahuna Torea Wetlands on Thursday 1st February.

CVNZ is actively involved in wetland restoration and waterway protection across the country and invites corporate groups to get join us to celebrate this World Wetlands Day event with a fun and friendly day out. This will give corporate groups an opportunity to learn more about the importance of wetlands to our ecosystem and what we can do to protect them. The day will kick off with an educational talk and introduction to the wetlands and their importance followed by conservation activities. Activities will include water testing, removing invasive plants that are choking up the waterways and threatening biodiversity and removing rubbish. This will be followed by a BBQ and chance to mingle. We expect the day to run from 9am -1pm. This would be a great way to experience first-hand the conservation work we are doing across the country.

Tahuna Torea Wetland, Glen Innes

On the Glendowie side of the Tamaki estuary, this 25ha coastal reserve is a salt marsh and freshwater habitat which includes a sand bank you can walk out on at low tide. Thirty years of restoration and tree-planting mean a number of native plants flourish here and so, too, do birds such as oystercatchers (Tahuna Torea means “gathering place of the oystercatchers”), migratory godwits, herons, pukeko, a number of species of duck and forest birds such as tui, gray warblers, fantails, silvereyes and New Zealand pigeons (kereru).

Wetlands are places many of us seldom visit, yet they are accessible, beautiful, and environmentally, culturally and frequently historically significant, and free to visit. Wetlands form in boggy places or where water pools: swamps, gumland bogs, dune lakes, rivers, lagoons, estuaries, remnant swamp forests, gullies and volcanic springs. Freshwater wetlands blend almost seamlessly with lakes and rivers, or with the brackish and salty coastal wetlands. It is estimated a quarter of the Auckland region used to be wetland of one sort or another, but draining and reclaiming them for farming or residential developments means there is just 0.5 per cent remaining.

Want to get involved?

Please get in touch with Conservation Volunteers on 0800 56 76 86 or [email protected] to get your team involved or to find out more.