Tuna for Tamariki – Get your kids group involved with longfin eel

Earlier this year, Conservation Volunteers New Zealand developed some educational resources as part of our Wild Futures Programme and with support from Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited (Mobil). These resources focused on the protection of our chosen threatened species, the longfin eel which is a taonga species and a great indicator of water quality.

Due to continued generous support from Mobil, we are now able to offer schools, groups and clubs in the Auckland and Wellington areas the chance to take part in the next step of this programme. As part of this, we could come by the school to have a talk with the kids about the longfin eel, its threats and what we can do to help. We could also look at getting you all out somewhere in your local area for a day of conservation activities. Activities very much depend on time of the year and needs of the park but are most likely to be litter clean ups and invasive plant removal. We could do some water testing in smaller groups if we can find an appropriate freshwater location. Tree planting is also possible but only during planting season (late May to early September). These events are aimed at teaching children about the longfin eel, their threats and how to protect this amazing creature and its habitat.

If this is something that you may be interested in, please get in touch so we can talk through the details. By participating in this programme you will be helping to support the future of New Zealand’s threatened species. To find out more please contact Siobhan in Auckland, [email protected] or Natalie in Wellington, [email protected].

Interested in checking out our free longfin eel educational resources? If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, you can download the pdf here. It will come as a zip file. Do let us know if you have trouble opening it.