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CVNZ partnering to help off-set Carbon Emissions!

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand is super excited to announce that we are partnering with Carbon Click to make it possible for consumers to off-set their carbon emissions.

Carbon Click was started by Jan Czaplicki and Paul Brady who started their journey into carbon off-setting working with Air New Zealand on their off-setting scheme.

After their first experiences they realised two things. One was how difficult it is for businesses to create carbon off-setting solutions and two was the need for transparency i.e. where is your money going when you pay to off-set.

So, they created a solution that takes away the barriers to access and places the power to make change in the hands of businesses and their consumers. Through a simple website plugin businesses can offer the customer the opportunity to offset the emissions of their purchase. Making it possible for the business to work towards being carbon neutral and for the customer to feel good about their purchase.

Imagine you are buying a t-shirt online from your favourite brand and before you hit pay at the checkout there is a green button that says ‘Off-set your carbon from this purchase’. You pay a couple of dollars and just like that you are helping to plant native trees in New Zealand and supporting projects overseas that are helping to reduce climate change.

That’s where CVNZ comes in, every year we plant over 150,000 trees with local communities and volunteers. With this partnership eventually you will have the option to choose where your carbon off-set is coming from. For example, you choose to offset a coffee from your local café who has bought community carbon credits from a CVNZ planting project down the road.

To put it simply, it will be possible to support the work CVNZ does planting trees through your consumer habits.

This partnership gives CVNZ a powerful role in our changing climate and planet. Making it possible for the every day consumer to be engaged with climate change and with their local environment and community.

Together CVNZ and Carbon Click are working to make New Zealand a climate resilient nation. One tree or one coffee at a time.

Check out Carbon Click and the CVNZ Shopify website where you can buy a t-shirt and offset your carbon.