CVNZ - Wasp Wipeout

Wasp Wipeout extends to Auckland, Kapiti and Central Otago

In partnership with DOC and Stuff, CVNZ is now extending the delivery of the Wasp Wipeout programme into Auckland, Kapiti and Central Otago. Last year, Canterbury and the West Coast were successfully added to the programme. Both the German and Common wasps have become major pests – significantly impacting on food sources for native birds and devasting invertebrate populations, as well as providing a nasty sting to those unfortunate enough to disturb them.

The Wasp Wipeout programme has proven successful in the Tasman Nelson region – using the Nelson developed protein based Vespex bait which once taken back to the nest, is highly effective in destroying the colony.

We have a list of priority sites across Canterbury and the West Coast and are developing a ‘hit-list’ for the new regions – and we are seeking fit volunteers in these areas to assist with the control process over this summer. If you would like to help through volunteering, email Dave Sharp on [email protected].

Or you can also DONATE to help get rid of these troublesome pests on the Wasp Wipeout givealittle page.

And for more info on the control process: WASP