Wasp Wipeout on Motutapu Island

Accenture help Wipeout Auckland’s Wasps

Accenture at Motutapu Island

With thanks to the awesome team from Accenture, last week we were able to kick off our Auckland Wasp Wipeout Programme with a day of wasp control at Motutapu Island. A team of seven Accenture employees joined CVNZ and DoC staff for the day to install 120 bait stations on multiple sites across the island. Bait stations are set out every 50 metres and wasps were also tested to see if they were in their protein feeding stage which is essential to ensure the baiting is successful. When wasps are ready to feed on protein, they take the protein based Vespex bait back to their nests which can wipe out the entire colony. Thanks again to the team from Accenture for helping us make an impact to wasp numbers in Auckland. We couldn’t have done it without your support.



Wasp Wipeout

Wasp Wipeout is a collaborative partnership between Conservation Volunteers New Zealand (CVNZ), the Department of Conservation, Stuff media, the Tasman Environment Trust and Councils with the aim of IMG_1867reducing Vespula Wasp populations and to spread awareness of the threats caused by these species.

The German wasp (vespula Germanica) and common wasp (vespula vulgaris) have been described as New Zealand’s most abundant and devastating invertebrate pests. Wasps consume massive amounts of honeydew, an important food for native birds, bats, insects and lizards. Wasps also eat huge numbers of native insects and have even been seen killing newly hatched birds. We have a lot of talk about rats and stoats and mice and their impact on systems. But put wasps in those same forests, the biomass of wasps exceeds the combined biomass of all the rats, all the mice, all the stoats and all the birds.

Wasp Wipeout is currently underway extensively in Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough, Central Otago, parts of Canterbury and the West Coast. This year, we are hoping to extend the programme in Auckland and Wellington. Find out more about our Wasp Wipeout Programme here: https://conservationvolunteers.co.nz/wasp-wipeout/