Old Man’s Beard

Old Man’s Beard, also known as Clematis vitalba is a vigorous vine that grows up to 10 metres in a single year. It grows rapidy, forming dense layers and damages forests by smothering seedlings and suppressing canopy tree growth. This can eventually lead to large scale habitat loss. Tolerant of cold, moderate shade, damp, wind, salt, most soil types, and damage it is a major pest weed in New Zealand. Old Man’s Beard looks very similar to a native Clematis so I.D. is super important to make sure you’re removing the right thing. iNaturalistNZ is a great site that can help you identify species. Weedbusters is also a great resource for identification and advice on how to remove larger infestations.

To find out how to identify and get rid of Old Man’s Beard from your garden, have a look at our video above or download our resources below. We now have resources in English and Mandarin.


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