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Forest at the Heart of Wellington

We have partnered with the Rotary Club of Wellington, Wellington City Council and MPI’s Matariki Tu Rākau fund and have been undertaking the enormous restoration project of planting a Forest at the Heart of Wellington since 2018.

  • This ambitious project involves volunteers from schools, communities and businesses in the planting of 65,000 native trees in the Wellington town belt area. The idea is to create an extension from Zealandia into the city and attract native manu back into the city.

The aim of this project is to create a greener, healthier environment within the city and to show-case to the nation how humans and nature can thrive in the same place.  We have planted 15,000 trees per year in Wellington city over the last 4 years for this project, to celebrate the Rotary Club of Wellington’s centennial anniversary in 2021. The important work now will be to keep a close eye on all of our planting sites, removing any weeds and helping to ensure that our new native forests thrive.

Our work at Forest at the Heart of Wellington

We have been working on this project since 2018 and thanks to MPI’s Matariki Tu Rākau fund we have been able to make this one of our main projects in Wellington.

Through this funding we have:

  • Built and run our native plant nursery at Tawatawa reserve, where we raise about 3,500      native plants from eco-sourced seeds each year.
  • Engaged thousands of volunteers from all backgrounds (individuals, schools, groups,            businesses) to help us plant 15,000 trees each year, remove invasive plants, propagate        plants at our nursery, build tracks, and more.
  • Run residential projects for international volunteers, hosted many large public planting        days, and hosted private volunteering events for groups.

Get involved

We have made huge progress on this project and planted the last trees for this project over winter 2021. However, we will be revisiting our planting sites for up to five years to ensure plant survival. We will go back to all of our planting sites during spring/summer and release the seedlings from invasive weeds. This part of the process is as important as tree planting itself.

To get involved or to find out more about upcoming volunteering opportunities call 0800 878 185 or email [email protected].