baring Head

Ōrua-Pouanui/ Baring Head

For several years CVNZ has been leading planting and maintenance days at Ōrua-Pouanui/Baring Head, helping Greater Wellington Regional Council and The Friends of Baring Head Trust realise their vision for this iconic landscape.

Ōrua-Pouanui/Baring Head is an iconic landscape, with wonderful views over Cook Strait. The project area includes the lower reaches and mouth of the Wainuiomata River, and much of the coastal escarpment around Baring Head/Orua-pouanui. It is rugged, yet spectacular land, and is visible from Wellington. A marked route provides people with a walk offering access to the lighthouse reserve and views of the headlands, coastline towards Parangarahu Lakes and Wellington, and wetlands.

The Wainuiomata River is of significant ecological importance as the catchment has an area of 133 square kilometres, and a river length of about 22 kilometres. The river provides essential habitat for freshwater fish such as inanga and eels. At least nine threatened bird species are found at Ōrua-pouanui/Baring Head, including the black shag, Caspian tern, New Zealand pipit, pied shag, pied stilt, red-billed gull, variable oystercatcher, white-fronted tern and the banded dotterel.

Our work at Ōrua-Pouanui/Baring Head

We have been supporting Friends of Baring Head at Ōrua-pouanui/Baring Head since 2018, thanks to funding from SBN’s Million Metres Streams Project.

Through this project we have:

  • – Planted over 8,000 native plants along the banks of the Wainuiomata River.
  • – Engaged hundreds of volunteers from various backgrounds (individuals, schools, groups,    businesses) to help us plant thousands of trees, remove invasive plants, and more.
  • – Run residential projects for international volunteers, hosted many public volunteer days,    and hosted private volunteering events for groups.

Get involved

Spend a day caring for our riparian planting sites along the Wainuiomata River, take a visit to the beach where we will search for the invasive horned poppy and take a hike with us up to the lighthouse, with stunning views back towards our capital city.

To get involved or to find out more about upcoming volunteering opportunities call 0800 878 185 or email [email protected].