Papakura Stream Restoration Project

The Papakura Stream Restoration Project is a large, multi-stakeholder, catchment wide programme that will restore and protect this important waterway and habitat for the diverse species that call this area home. The project’s aim is to restore and protect at least 5km of stream is the next three years. This restoration will include fencing (with Future Posts – recycled plastic fence posts), planting native trees and shrubs, water quality monitoring, plant maintenance, and community engagement. Restoration will take place on both public land, in partnership with Manurewa, Franklin and Papakura Local Boards, and private land, in partnership with farmers and other landowners. This project will also require the support of the local community and the corporate community in the form of volunteering, sponsorship and partnerships.

Restoration of riparian margins: Provide assistance to landowners to protect their stream margins by fencing up the waterways and planting the stream banks with native trees and shrubs, as well as water monitoring. Site preparation and plant maintenance will also be provided.

Education and engagement: Educate and encourage landowners to restore their riparian margins. Identify public spaces such as council reserves for planting events. Community education on how to protect local waterways.

Volunteer events: Creating a series of volunteer events to engage and educate local community groups, schools, and businesses to get involved in tree planting, pest plant control, plant maintenance, and litter clean-ups.


Meet the Papakura Stream


The Papakura Stream in South Auckland runs from its headwaters in Brookby to enter the Manukau Harbour via the Pahurehure inlet. The Papakura Stream—approximately 63 kilometres long with a catchment covering 4,100 hectares—is a significant freshwater system that has seen a lot of change over the years. This area was once covered in indigenous forests of kauri, taraire, and tawa in the upper catchments, and kahikatea swamp forest and extensive flaxlands in much of the lower catchment. Unfortunately, most of the original habitat has been lost due to agriculture, industry, and urban development, including destructive wetland draining. This has led to a massive reduction in forest cover and water quality, which in turn reduces habitat for native species and increases the sediment, pollution, and nutrients entering the stream and making their way to the precious Manukau Harbour.

Our 2021 Project sites

Brookby Wildlife Habitat

350m of wetlands and waterways to fence and 3,500 native trees to plant in 2021.

The Brookby Project

3,500 native trees to plant along the waterway in 2021.

Brookby Equestrian

350m of wetlands and waterways to fence and 4,000 native trees to plant in 2021.

Papakura Esplanade Reserve

31,000 native trees to plant along the waterway in 2021.

How you can help:

Become a partner

Join forces to help restore the Papakura Stream. We are currently looking for partners to fund this important restoration project and/or provide knowledge and in-kind support.


Got land on the Papakura Stream?

Get involved by restoring your section of the stream through fencing, weed control, water testing, and riparian planting. Get in touch to find out if we can help.



Get in touch to find out about upcoming events that you, or your team, can join. We are on the look-out for volunteers to help with planting, plant maintenance, weed control, and litter clean-ups.



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