Preferred Supplier Programme

Conservation Volunteers has a fair, sustainable, responsible, and ethical approach to procuring and delivering goods and services. We seek to engage with reputable suppliers who hold similar values and consistently provide quality goods and services and encourage them to become a “Preferred Supplier” and be part of the program.


As a Preferred Supplier your company will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Preferential selection: In all of Conservation Volunteers’ procurement activities
  • Reduced cost: Direct access for suppliers to procurement requirements of goods and services in a streamlined and cost-effective way with improved payment terms
  • Improved quality of service: Preferred Suppliers better understand CV’s business due to the more intimate nature of the relationship, which means they’ll be better-placed to meet (and exceed) CV’s expectations
  • Straightforward Communication: If problems arise it’s much easier to communicate because you have a history of working together
  • Lower risk: A Preferred Supplier program is an important way to mitigate supply chain risk. As you, the suppliers, are known to us, you will adhere and comply to regulations
  • Increased efficiency: Buyers across the organisation will find it quicker and easier to do business with Preferred Suppliers
  • Improved consistency: By definition, Preferred Suppliers deliver a consistently high-quality service, and CV won’t be required to switch vendors quite so frequently.
  • Better contractual terms: Both buyer and supplier benefit from a Preferred Supplier program.



Suppliers who are interested in becoming a Preferred Supplier can apply by clicking and completing the application form below. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be notified via email that your application has been successful! If your application is declined, you will also be notified and can contact your CV business representative to discuss your application.

NZ Preferred Supplier Application Form:


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