Tradescantia is a creeping and mat-forming perennial groundcover. It is an environmental weed which causes major problems under trees and in bush reserves throughout the North Island and some parts of the South Island. Originally from South America, it has been grown in gardens and hanging pots for years, but is now banned for sale in garden centres because of its invasive nature. It is tolerant of light to deep shade which means it can take hold in even intact forest and form dense mats on the forest floor, smothering vegetation and preventing native regeneration. This can causes habitats to open to more light and be invaded by exotic shrubs and vines. Mats growing on riverbanks can break away with water flow and contribute to flooding. Apart from being a major problem for the environment, it can cause allergic skin reactions in dogs and other animals running through the foliage. It is also very difficult to get rid of once established. If you have some of this weed in your garden, have a look at the video or download our resources below to see how to get rid of this invasive pest.


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