Volunteers at the Waitakere Ranges, New Zealand

What We Do

Conservation Volunteers welcomes people with a love of the outdoors and an interest in the environment to take part as a volunteer in one of our many conservation projects. Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and no prior skills or experience are required, and volunteer projects are available to suit your availability and particular interests.

Conservation Volunteers projects are managed in conjunction with project partners that may include regional councils, national parks, museums, landcare groups, conservation departments and other national conservation agencies. All of our volunteer projects can be broadly categorised into the following key focus areas and we welcome your involvement.

Flora & Fauna

New Zealand is home to some extraordinary native flora and fauna due to its long isolation from the rest of the world and because it’s an island nation. About 80% of the flora in New Zealand occurs only in New Zealand and there are just two native land mammals, both bats. The extreme and the unusual are common in New Zealand’s flora and fauna, a high proportion of which are found nowhere else in the world. There are giant snails and tree daisies, flightless birds and 1,000-year-old trees – but few reptiles. Changes to the landscape as a result of human activity and the introduction of pest mammals have put many of these unique species at risk. We welcome volunteers in a wide range of projects.

Parks & Reserves

We believe that parks and reserves are special places that should be enjoyed by everyone, which is why we work in partnership with parks and sanctuaries across New Zealand to help protect these precious natural places, and their inhabitants. There are a range of volunteer projects on offer that you can be involved with.


Wetlands and Coasts

New Zealand has the 10th longest coastline in the world. With the coastline stretching such a vast distance, there are huge challenges in maintaining healthy coastlines for all. We run a variety of volunteer projects that make a difference to these wetlands, waterways and coasts.


Healthy Communities

As our population continues to grow, especially in urban areas, many people feel disconnected from their natural environment as well as from the community in general. You can get involved in programs that help support healthy communities across the country. Have a look at our upcoming projects and learn how to volunteer.


Our heritage is a legacy from our past and forms an integral part of life today in the form of the stories and places that make up our national identity. Heritage projects include, but are not limited to natural, built and cultural locations of significance which must be preserved for current and future generations.