Conservation volunteers New Zealand

Healthy Communities

Conservation Volunteering is not only about caring for the environment – it’s about caring for you and creating healthy communities.  All of our conservation projects offer the chance to get outside, to engage with others and to be active.

Conservation volunteering is good for your health

Many of us have sedentary lifestyles, too much stress, or suffer from a sense of isolation.  Our modern lifestyles make it hard for us to be active, to find time to care for our mental health, or to connect with our local communities.

Doctors around the world are already prescribing “a walk in nature” as a cure for a variety of health problems. Research shows that community members who undertake environmental volunteering report significantly higher levels of physical activity, wellbeing and better mental health outcomes.

When you volunteer with us, you’ll take part in hands-on, outdoor conservation activities that provide a chance to:

  • de-stress in a natural environment
  • move your body and get physical
  • build connections and friendships within your community
  • develop a relationship with your local environment
  • feel good about doing something that matters

Conservation volunteering strengthens communities

The positive impact of volunteers serves to strengthen communities. Sports clubs, service groups, school councils, and other forms of volunteering are the glue that binds strong communities together and makes them resilient when faced with challenges.

Conservation volunteering helps engage and bring different segments of the community together, and forms bonds between people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Volunteering on a conservation project can be a great way for people to connect with their local environment and learn more about the place where they live.

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand offers targeted programs to protect, enhance and preserve natural spaces whilst simultaneously improving individual and community health and enjoyment.  We partner with community groups to deliver programs that meet local needs, and engage local volunteers to get active in their communities.