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Wild Futures – Conserving New Zealand’s Threatened Species

The Wild Futures Program focuses on practical, on-the-ground conservation strategies that work. Partnering with experts from the Department of Conservation, we identified six key species that need our help. We bring resources and volunteers together to make a real impact on a place, or a species, to enable them to survive and thrive.

1000+ threatened species in New Zealand today

According to a 2008 study by IUCN, New Zealand has the highest percentage of threatened animal species out of 130 countries surveyed. This means that New Zealand has one of the highest rates of species loss in the world. Resources have been devoted to improving the situation in Aotearoa, and there have been major strides over the last decade. However, there is still a huge amount of work to be done to prevent the irreversible loss of some of New Zealand’s most iconic wildlife. The two most critical threats for native species in New Zealand are undoubtedly the introduction of animal pests and the loss of habitat.

By partnering with experts in recovery programs and community-based organisations, The Wild Futures Program is dedicated to making a genuine contribution toward halting the dramatic rate of species loss here in Aotearoa.

Conservation Volunteers is taking action

Join us in ensuring the survival of our six Wild Future species! These species have been chosen because they are both at-risk, and volunteer action can make a demonstrable benefit to the survival of the species.  Volunteers can be involved in:

  • Monitoring species
  • Improving and restoring habitat
  • Controlling pest plants and animals
  • Working  in partnership with communities and conservation experts


Meet Our Species

Read more about each of our regional and national threatened species.

















What can you do?

Help Conservation Volunteers build a sustainable future for our native plants and animals by:

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Volunteer on one of our projects supporting Wild Futures for a day, or a week…..your actions genuinely do make a difference

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