North Island freshwater spring

Wild Waters

Since New Zealand is an island country, protecting and maintaining the health of our extensive coastlines is a huge challenge. Our wetlands, rivers, streams, and creeks are facing a wide range of environmental problems including erosion, salinity, drought and pollution.

New Zealanders have a special connection to their waterways and coasts. These are special places for us to visit, holiday, and spend our lives. We highly value our coastal environments for their natural beauty and as places to get outside and enjoy nature with our family and friends. The coast provides social, cultural, economical, and environmental benefits for all New Zealanders and is an irreplaceable part of the New Zealand lifestyle.

Our love of the coast and waterways is having an impact.  Threats to these areas include:

  • Environmental degradation (weeds, erosion, inappropriate use by public etc.)
  • Introduced pest plants and animals
  • Loss of coastal habitat and biodiversity
  • Increasing development along the coast
  • Pollution and litter including sedimentation, nitrification, ingestion and entanglement of rubbish impacting wildlife
  • Marine debris accumulating in on-shore and near shore environments, impacting wildlife by entanglement and ingestion

Combating these issues is a big job, but not a lost cause! Conservation Volunteers New Zealand has many projects and initiatives that focus on tackling these issues, and we would love your help! There are a range of  projects available that work toward protecting our precious coastlines and waterways. Want to learn more? Have a look at our upcoming projects and learn how to volunteer with us.